Group Training: Social Media for All of Us


The Course

Social Media for All of Us is the social media course every small to midsize business owner in charge of their own social media destiny needs.

Designed to help you make sense of social media platforms and their various algorithms, you will leave your session feeling like Meta isn’t trying to take over the world, at least not in a scary, unpredictable way.

Broken into bite-size, easy to comprehend sections, this course can be done in three 1-hour blocks or in one hard hitting three hour session, depending on how your stamina works. Consider this a crash course in understanding the platform algorithms and how to create content your audience will not only see, but also respond to. We cover everything from what you should be posting to how to know if what you posted had the desired outcome and you will leave your session ready to create and convert your audience from passive scrollers to enthusiatic supporters.

In this course we will:

  • Go into detail about how each platform works, including detailed looks at the algorithms for Instagram and Facebook (other platforms available upon request)
  • Go over best practice for content creation to help you determine what to post and how to post it
  • Share our content calendar templates to help you figure out a strategic content creation and implementation plan that is simple and failproof
  • Provide numerous real life examples of content that works with tips on how you can make your own
  • Give you access to full recordings of our sessions so you can go back and watch them again later when you have questions
  • Leave you with a resource library to help you further your learning on a variety of topics
  • Share student-only discounts on future products and support like coaching, platform audits, strategy development, content calendar builds, platform management, and more!

Group Trainings vs Individual

This course is truly the social media course for all of us, but we also set pricing specifically for franchises and those businesses that have a number of independent entities under them – real estate teams and salons, for example.

We provide bulk pricing discounts to make the course more economical for companies to provide training to multiple people at once.


$750 for up to five participants (get a group of business owners to go into it with you and save!)

Bulk discounts are provided so you can book sessions more economically

About Your Instructor

Amanda Rodriguez has been a social media marketer since 2015.

As the owner of a Frederick based boutique marketing company she has had the unique opportunity to provide content creation and social media marketing strategy to both local business clients (the Frederick Rock School, Troyce Gatewood & Partners, and more) as well as internationally known brands (Canon, Invisalign, and the NFL) and personalities (Chef Carla Hall).

Amanda specializes in making content creation, social reach building, and increasing engagement as simple and organic as possible. She wants her clients to learn how to be their own social media strategist even if they don’t have the time to actually do so. 

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